channel 4 London 2012 Paralympic Games

role ux, visual design

Channel 4 won the rights to broadcast the 2012 Paralympic Games with a bold pledge to make the Games the biggest event in the broadcaster’s history. Zone was appointed to design, build and manage a website and social media strategy aimed at building interest in the sports and athletes in the two years leading up to London 2012. I worked with a fantastic team on both the UX and visual design for this exciting platform. 

Naturally, the site was designed and built to meet the highest levels of accessibility. 

We designed guide pages to every Paralympic sport, and profiles of key competitors from both ParalympicsGB and overseas. We developed The Generator – an interactive application to help sports fans find the Paralympic event best suited to their interests. And we produced a platform for the channel’s £1m talent search – a nationwide competition to discover a new generation of disabled TV presenters. The platform housed live events during the build up to the games with live commentary, live event video, leaderboards and athlete interviews and stories. 

The site launched in August 2010, giving us just 24 months to prepare for the biggest even in Channel 4’s history. By the end of the year, we had constructed a content-rich destination website, developed relationships with the stars of Paralympic sport and built a loyal community of sports fans across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.