stagecoach south west trains 

role lead designer (ux + visual design) 

Stagecoach made a commitment to their customers to improve their experience, part of this being to ensure that they were offered the best-priced fares.
Like all train companies, South West Trains used a third party system which didn't give them this level of control so they committed to building their own booking engine (CBE) to enable this. 
Working with this vision we designed and built a multi-platform solution (web, android and iOS) that connects their passengers with the cheapest tickets in the simplest possible interface.

design principle
just like being at the ticket office...

When buying train tickets online, a passenger is usually confronted with a matrix of ticketing options – this wouldn't happen at the ticket office, you would simply be asked when you wanted to travel, and perhaps how flexible you were with your dates and times. I wanted to replicate this experience online. 

What the future looks like 

Having launched the platform with solid foundations we now have the opportunity to evolve the customer experience. Moving into wearables, utilising notifications, and using real-time data to give the customer up-to-date travel information. Further integration with third parties will enable SWT to offer multi-mode travel information and social journey sharing.