tate pitch


role pitch strategy, UX DESIGN

For the pitch we were asked to look at the ‘visitor experience’ which currently is very dated and therefore prevents visitors from doing the simplest and most important tasks, whether that is finding out how, what or where they can engage with the Tate.

As one of the world’s leading visual brands it was a given that our solution had to be visually beautiful and iconic and I have the super talented Visual designer Julia Read who produced these beautiful designs to thank for that!  


There was no point replicating an exhibition online instead we looked at what digital is really great at, digital really can be very useful, and delightful all without the need to compromise on beauty and emotion. 

For the pitch we created some light personas based on the provided audience insight one being 'first time planner Silvia' and considered her top 5 questions on visiting the Tate website.

What is Tate? Which one should I visit? How do I get there?
When should I visit? What can I go AND see?

We used geolocation to show her the closest Tate, whether it was open now, visitor trends and gave her real time-travel information to plan her visit. We highlighted what exhibitions were popular or ending soon and showed real-time activity in the gallery areas, we also treated her to website one off commissioned piece of interactive art. 


At first all Tate locations are on show before animating away to show the closest and display all the useful information to get help Silvia plan her visit. 

sadly we didn't win, 
But we totally should have

Especially with this ace animation - thanks Gruff Ywain