Zone screens project

Role UX, UI Designer

The brief was nice and open, I was asked to come up with a new way to showcase what we do at Zone, capturing our energy, approach and output. The solution would use the screens and iPads in our reception area.  The audience being new clients, who don’t necessarily know what we do – or at least only have a limited view of it, existing clients, staff, and visitors.  

The result

a dynamic tile based interface with data at the core.  

The Tiles  

It was key to keep the level of curation to a minimum so we designed and created a set of automated feeds powering the tiles that allow this project to be added to over time with minimum maintenance needed. Tiles included Zones blog, twitter stats and sentiment measure and our clients social channels we manage. A 'go live calendar' and live results of the daily poll with a countdown to poll closing. Team introductions and staff ambitions. A sustainability counter - hooked up to all the printers tracking the volume of print outs and calculating the resulting Co2 emissions. Client case studies, KPI's and how we are tracking against them and a cheeky bouncing weather app for which I designed a full set of bespoke icons.